Primary Care Population Medicine


Learn more about how to join this innovative and dynamic program.

PC-PM students are admitted to the Program through the standard MD admissions processes.  The application process is outlined below. For more information about standard MD admission at Brown, please visit the Admissions website.


We're looking for students who are bright, who are altruistic, who have values around service to society. They're really going to be the vanguard.

Jeffrey Borkan, MD assistant dean of the Primary Care-Population Medicine Program

AMCAS Application

Candidates must complete an initial application through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). Applicants should select the "Regular MD" program and designate “Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University” as a receiving school on the AMCAS application.  Please note that the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) is required for all AMCAS applicants.

Secondary Application

Upon verification of the AMCAS application, prospective students will receive email instructions for the online secondary application. Applicants should select "Yes" when asked if they are applying to the PC-PM Program and complete additional essay questions. 

Interview Process

Program applicants are screened by the Medical School admission staff and offered an interview if they meet AMS’ requirements. Students are interviewed by two members of the admissions committee, with one member typically faculty in the PC-PM program. 


Applicants to the MD-ScM Program are considered for admission to the Regular MD program initially. MD-ScM admission decisions are determined in mid-March. Applicants who are offered a wait list position or an acceptance to either program must respond to the offer within two weeks of the date of the decision. Admitted candidates may hold seats at multiple schools up until April 30.